How to check HP printer for errors ?

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How to check HP printer for errors ?

HP Printers – Using HP Diagnostic Tools for HP Printers

Use these free tools to help maintain your HP printer or fix common printing and scanning problems in Windows.

 HP Print and Scan Doctor :

HP provides a free tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and resolve printing and scanning problems. Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor to quickly and automatically perform several troubleshooting tasks and check HP printer for errors. The automatic solutions and instructions provided by HP Print and Scan Doctor can be very effective for resolving many types of printing and scanning problems. HP Print and Scan Doctor is easy to use and comes with its own instructions. To learn more about HP Print and Scan Doctor, see Using Print and Scan Doctor to Help Resolve Printer Issues (Windows).

HP Print and Scan Doctor


HP Support Assistant :

Use it to read important messages, run diagnostics, troubleshoot problems, access product specifications, and even find out if your printer is still in warranty.

To open HP Support Assistant or see if it is already installed, check HP printer for errors , search Windows for HP, and then click HP Support Assistant from the list of search results.

To download and install HP Support Assistant, even on a non-HP computer, go to HP Support Assistant (in English).

After installation, open HP Support Assistant, add your printer to the list of your devices, and then click the picture of your printer to access many helpful troubleshooting tools.

 HP Support Assistant showing My Computer view with the Diagnostics and tool tab selected


HP Toolbox :

Many HP printers come with HP Toolbox software. It is installed with the full feature printer software.
To open HP Toolbox, open it from your full feature printer software.
  1. Search Windows for HP, and select the name of your printer or HP Solution Center from the list of search results.
  2. Open HP Toolbox:
    • HP Printer Assistant opens and you have an HP LaserJet printer, click Tools, and then click Advance Settings.
    • If HP Printer Assistant opens and you have an HP Inkjet printer, click the Print and Scan tab, and then click Maintain Your Printer.
    •  you have HP Solution Center, click Tools from the main screen, and then click Printer Toolbox.
  3. Explore the various options that are available for your printer model by clicking each tab.
 The HP Toolbox window with the Device Services tab open

How to Fix HP Printer Errors

Many times, when an HP printer has an error, the cause is clearly shown on the monitor. However, in other cases, the cause of the HP printer error may be a complete mystery. Instead of going on a wild-goose chase to find the exact solution for the printer error . it’s better to try a series of routine troubleshooting steps first. If these steps fail to fix the printer error please feel free to contact our toll free support helpline : 1-877-776-3999


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