how to fix hp printer cartridge problem

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hp printer cartridge problem

 hp printer cartridge problem DesignJet 330 monochrome printer can be upgraded to become an HP DesignJet 350C color printer. This document explains all of the tasks necessary to install the upgrade kit.
  1. Make sure that the printer is switched OFF and that neither the power cord nor an interface cable is connected hp printer cartridge problem
  2. Unscrew the cover plate at the back of the printer, and remove it.


    Before handling a memory module, either put on a grounding wrist strap and attach the end to the metal chassis of the printer, or touch the outer metal surface of the printer with your hand. Otherwise, static electricity from your body could damage the memory module.
  3. There are two slots for SIMMs in the hp printer cartridge problem. The SIMM containing the upgrade goes in the slot furthest from you. If both slots are free, skip this step and go straight to step 5. If the slot nearest to you already contains a SIMM (a memory module), then you must first remove it to access the other slot.
    1. Gently push aside the two clips that hold the memory module in place.
    2. Holding it only by the edges, carefully pull the top of the module toward you and lift it out.
  4. Temporarily place the module on a conductive pad, for example, the one containing the new SIMM.
  5. Take the new SIMM out of its bag, holding it only by the edges.
  6. With the SIMM’s small notch on the left and the metallic edge away from you, load the SIMM into the slot furthest from you. To do this, first hold the module at an angle, place the bottom edge in the slot and then push the top away from you until the module clicks into place.hp printer cartridge problem
  7. If you removed a memory module from the slot nearest to you, re-install it in the same way.
  8. Replace the cover plate and screws.


    In steps 9, 10 and 11, pay special attention to this warning. Do not touch the stainless steel strip that runs the length of the printer behind the cartridge carriage; its edge is very sharp. Keep hair, jewelry, clothing, and foreign objects away from the printer mechanisms.
    1. With the printer still switched OFF, raise the cover to access the cartridge carriage on the left.
    2. Remove the black cartridge.
  9. Move the cartridge carriage out of the service station. Then remove the cover from the three left-hand cartage slots by first squeezing on both sides, and then lifting off.
  10. Remove the cover from the three left-hand cartridge selectors.
    1. Release the clip on the right side of the cover, at the bottom. This is easiest to see when looking down into the printer.
    2. Lift the cover off.
  11. From the upgrade kit, take the label containing four colored dotshp printer cartridge problem
    1. Remove the protective strip from the back.
    2. Stick the label onto the vertical panel above the cartridge stalls while the cartridge is out of its stall. Note that the yellow dot must be on the left.
    3. Close the cover.
  12. From the upgrade kit, take the new overlay for the front panel.
    1. Peel the adhesive layer from the back.
    2. Fix it over the top of the old front panel.
  13. Switch ON the printer.
  14. From the upgrade kit, take the three new colored cartridges (yellow, cyan and magenta) and, together with the black cartridge you removed earlier, install them in the printer’s four vacant cartridge stalls. Be sure to match the colors of the cartridges with the colors of the dots.
  15. Print a Setup Sheet to confirm that the printer has correctly read the new ROM SIMM and has reconfigured itself to be hp printer cartridge problem an HP DesignJet 350C printer .
  16. Finally, reconfigure the print driver(s) you are using to indicate that your device is no longer an HP DesignJet 330 printer, but now an HP DesignJet 350C printer. Drivers for AutoCAD and for Microsoft (R) Windows applications are supplied as part of your upgrade kit.hp printer cartridge problem

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